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Goldman Sachs has applied for a patent for blockchain technology that it is developing, aimed at streamlining the way securities are settled.It will likely improve the standing of the banking industry as a whole, regardless.Goldman Sachs filed a patent. reporting for Bitcoin Magazine, detailed the US Patent.SETLCoin is providing a base for investors to transfer their traditional assets (stocks, bonds, gold, silver, etc.) onto the blockchain and trade them more reliably, cheaper, and much faster than previously possible.By submitting the patent, Goldman Sachs is aiming to combine the advantages of.

Cryptocurrencies like Ether are renowned for their quick resolution, and others like Bitcoin are widely-known for being immutable, or unable to be changed.Such an entity may reasonably be the SEC, according to the patent, which can be viewed here.Because blockchains allow for instant or near-instant transaction resolution and confirmation, it is attractive for investors and bankers.SETLCoins will be stored in a multi-asset blockchain wallet designed by Goldman Sachs.The transformational potential behind the popular cryptocurrency bitcoin continues to draw the interest of traditional financial institutions looking to ready their.

Goldman Sachs Patents Cryptocurrency-Based Securities

Goldman Sachs Files Patent Application For Securities

Goldman Sachs is also aiming to get patents on two blockchain inventions,.Regulatory compliance requirements could change how the community responds to a given currency.Tag list Bitcoin BTC Goldman Sachs Google IBM Patent STELcoin.

Goldman Sachs to Bitcoin Investors: Be Patient, Bitcoin

The blockchain is secure and can be used to increase transparency, so it has garnered a large following in a relatively short period of time.

Investment bank Goldman Sachs has been awarded a patent for its proposed.With the single digital wallet, clients will be able to make all of those transactions instantaneously and securely from inside the same encrypted point of access and all from within Goldman Sachs itself without the need for third party verification.Goldman Sachs (NYSE:GS), the. it mentions Bitcoin and Ripple and explains that they may hide the identity of a.Goldman Sachs is becoming the first major bank to make a significant investment in a Bitcoin-focused company, giving a vote of confidence to the embattled.

Goldman Sachs patents their own version of bitcoin

Originally developed to record bitcoin...While the wallets will be used to store SETLCoins, they will also be used to facilitate coin transactions and peer-to-peer transaction on their blockchain network.

Goldman Sachs Chief Technician Predicts Bitcoin Will Rise

Home Markets AltCoins Goldman Sachs Awarded Patent on. the investment giant Goldman Sachs made waves when it was discovered.It is always interesting to see groups such as Goldman Sachs weigh in on the Bitcoin price.

Investment bank Goldman Sachs has been awarded a patent for its proposed. naming bitcoin and litecoin.Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen regarding the recent statement from Goldman Sachs where they warned investors not to.

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As a result, cryptocurrency and blockchain projects have emerged to help reduce these inefficiencies.SETLCoins are made up asset verification by a trusted third party.